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This is a great chance to visit two wonderful, typical cities and regions in the Andes range, Cusco and Puno, with plenty of history, natural beauty and archaeological remains. By doing the tour on bus, you will surely enjoy a relaxing ride, seeing the amazing Andean landscapes all along, and seeing the way people live there, preserving much of the ancient Inca lifestyle.

Inca Treasures in the Bus Tour from Cusco to Puno

Ride in this bus by the Inca treasures!

The Wonderful Cusco Section on a Great Bus Journey

Visit Raqchi in the 1-day bus tour from Cusco to Puno

Sunset in Raqchi

At 7:00 am you will be ready to start the tour as we take you from your hotel and go to the bus stop, for a great ride from Cusco city to our first attraction, the church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas. It is known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Americas”, because it houses amazing art from colonial times. The Spanish invaders, in the attempt to quickly convert Inca people, built several big, medieval-like churches around the Cusco region.

After visiting the church, we’ll get on the bus again and go to the Raqchi archaeological site, to have a professionally guided tour of this large religious temple dedicated to Wiracocha, the Inca’s creator god. It was an important place for Inca priests, with a central wall almost 20 meters high and more incredible design features; there is also a storage area for crops and the priests’ lodgings. Another Inca wonderful construction in Cusco.

Next, we will ride to the town of Sicuani, climbing up the Andes on our bus, at a higher altitude. This is a typical Andean city with great landscapes, very quiet and relaxing; there we will have a delicious buffet lunch before resuming our tour, headed to La Raya.

La Raya pass is at a staggering 4.310 meters above sea level altitude, it’s the highest point of the tour, a pass from where you will have a priceless view, and actually you will be in the very habitat of Andean-only animals like the alpacas and llamas. An ideal bus stop and a great spot for highlands-awe and pictures.

The Wonderful Puno Section on a Great Bus Journey

Visit the craft market of Pucara in the Cusco Puno Bus Tour

Discover Pucara art crafting

At almost 3 pm, we’ll head towards Pucara, which is not in the Cusco region but in Puno, the second part of the tour. Pucara is a pre-Inca archaeological site, precursor of the Tiahuanaco civilization in today’s Bolivia; nevertheless, all the region was later incorporated to the Inca empire. In Pucara there will be a visit to the local museum, to see the wonderful typical, archaeological pieces left from those times.

There will also be a stop at the town of Juliaca which is near Puno city, a typical Andean place, with great food (included) and markets that sell all kinds of souvenirs and costumes.

Finally, we will arrive to Puno city, and you’ll be left at your hotel.

Experience typical lifestyle in a 2-day stay in the Lake Titicaca, next to Puno!

Extend your Vacation Adventure with TOUR IN PERU

Andahuaylillas and the Sistine of America in Bus Tour

Visit the Andahualillas Church, The Sistine of America

Since this is a 1-day tour, you have the chance to add it to a Machu Picchu tour, a Sacred Valley package or any other that we offer; indeed, many people go to the Puno region after visiting Cusco attractions. You can have all the information on our website www.tourinperu.com

We also offer very convenient private tours and private services, for those who want to have the best vacation possible in the Andean highlands or other top destinations in Peru. All our tours can be customized to fit all our clients’ needs or time restrictions, or to follow the itineraries they prefer. You can contact our travel experts for all information and procedures.

Peru’s wonders are waiting for you! Talk to our staff and book the most wonderful vacation!

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