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Peruvian gastronomy is already renowned worldwide and our Cusco region is no exception! In addition to all the archaeological, historical wonders, adventure and mysticism, Cusco also offers delicious typical dishes which will make your trip even better! 

In this post we will highlight 6 traditional, yummy, best typical dishes you can find anywhere in our region; they are also very nutritious and in some cases, close to vegetarian (by the way, you can also find veggie and vegan food here, but this is a subject for another post…).

Let’s check these tasty options, for you to also enjoy our cuisine wonders:


Since weather here in Cusco tends to be cold, a hot, succulent soup at night is an unbeatable choice. This is one meal we’re sure you will never forget; the soup itself is a wonderful mix of natural condiments, especially chicha de jora (corn beverage coming from Inca times and before), which gives it a unique, delicious flavor. For the solid part, it comes with onion slices, a piece of rocoto (Peruvian chili) and a big chunk of soft pork meat. On the side, the adobo always comes with a piece of bread. Top cuisine!


Continuing with delicious hot soups for cold weather, here is another winner in our best typical dishes… this is a really thick soup, ideal for those who are looking to reload energies. It’s a mix of both Peruvian and Spanish vegetables the conquerors brought here; it contains a variety of potatoes, wheat, natural condiments and a wealth of other vegetables. For the strong part, tasty lamb meat. Chairo is really a soup punch! Also very yummy and totally regional, so we do suggest it for your gastronomical explorations here in Cusco.

Quinoa Soup

Now this ancient Andean cereal has become famous worldwide because of its very high content of proteins, vitamins and practically no cholesterol. The preparations will vary, from pure quinoa to a full mix with vegetables. By the way, this soup is deemed a vegetarian meal. Although people who are not vegetarian eat quinoa soup with a chunk of some meat, it is also sold this way. It’s been one of the typical dishes in Cusco for thousands of years.

Alpaca Steak

Meat of this Andean camel, a smaller cousin of the llama, has become trendy in recent years, for its delicious taste, high nutrition and zero cholesterol. Most foreign visitors here are trying this delectable meal. The usual presentation is the steak (a really big one!) with french fries on the side and some salad (also, the sides can be typical Peruvian foods like quinoa, etc), but you can easily find alpaca brochettes, grilled and hamburgers. Only in Cusco you will find fresh alpaca meat! It has entered the best typical dishes in our region.

Chicharrón de Cerdo

Now this is a really robust, typical Cusco meal! It consists of big chunks of pork meat, accompanied by onion salad, peppermint, potatoes (or sweet potatoes) and husked wheat. For more adventure and exploring, the village of Saylla, nearby Cusco City, is the typical place for eating chicharron; you can get there after a quick car ride. After this delicious option for typical dishes, don’t forget to ask for a shot of anisette (anisado in Spanish), it’s a very good drink and also a traditional finish for the chicharron de cerdo.

Cuy al Horno

Last but not least in our list of best typical dishes, one of the stars of Cusco cuisine, the cuy (guinea pig). It comes in varied presentations, but this time we will recommend the cuy al horno (baked guinea pig). It is said that the best oven-cooked guinea pig can be found here in Cusco! Most foreign visitors do not pass on the chance to give it a try. Its meat is very tasty, protein-high and low-cholesterol. Guinea pigs have been eaten in Andean Peru for thousands of years. This specific presentation usually brings a big, almost entire guinea pig, accompanied with a variety of potatoes, baked spaghetti and a rocoto (Peruvian chili).

Here in this post we have highlighted 6 yummy, delectable, best typical dishes you can find in Cusco; of course, Peruvian cuisine has many more, also drinks and desserts. Check this website for more information and we will also post new contents about our amazing gastronomy, now globally acknowledged.

So, Cusco is really a complete experience! Archaeology, history, adventure, natural beauty, hiking, gastronomy and more! Talk to our staff and make your dream vacation true!

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