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This amazing tour takes you across the deepest canyon in the world! The 2-day trip has everything: hiking, nature, fauna and flora, contact with the region’s warm people and their traditions! Here’s the Colca Canyon packing list, awesome adventure!

Note: for the Colca Canyon region, climate is very alike to Cusco. Rainy season goes from November to March whereas dry season spans from April until October. As in Cusco, pourings are brief and every 2 or 3 days. Know more details about the amazing Colca Canyon 2-Day package. Of course you can take the chance to also book the wonderful Arequipa City Tour, which is very close. For helping with travel plans, you can check the insider packing list for the Arequipa City Tour.


For Rainy Season: it tends to be warmer but sometimes with rain as we said. The Arequipa region is particularly sunny throughout the year. Mandatory: sun hat, shades, suncream, insect repellent. For dressing, light jacket, polyester shirts (they keep you dry), pants or shorts, mountaineering socks, running shoes. For possible downfalls, a waterproof jacket or rain poncho, impermeable cover for your backpack. Warm pajama for sleeping time.

For Dry Season: it gets colder, windy, especially between June and August, but no rain. Sunlight remains strong yet. Packing list must have a warm jacket, perhaps gloves and a scarf, polyester shirts (to keep you dry), nylon pants (recommended), mountaineering socks, running shoes. Sun hat, dark glasses, sunscreen and bug repellent are also obligatory. Warm pajama.

This package includes the La Calera thermal baths in the afternoon, day 1, on both seasons (recommended). In this case you should also bring sandals, towel, swimming suit

Food and Drinks

  • Meals are not included in the tour, so apart from bringing cash for lunch and dinner on day 1 (you should have breakfast at the hotel) breakfast and lunch on day 2, you may like to add to the packing list a variety of snacks for in-between main mealtimes: crackers, chocolates, fruits, cereal bars, sandwiches and similars. By the way, you can know more about delicious regional gastronomy in our blog entry Arequipa 5th coolest city to travel.
  • Bring enough bottled water
  • Coca leaves tea is always recommended for boosting energy, resistance, well-being at high elevations. Note: Peru has adhered to policies of plastic ban, therefore, visitors must bring non-disposable containers.
  • While on altitude, avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, any stimulant other than coca tea


  • Photographic camera
  • Smartphone
  • Charging cords or extra batteries
  • Some travelers bring a portable solar panel for energy supply
  • Also some of them use a GPS device for adventure
  • Binoculars (optional for enhanced observation of landscapes, birds, condors)

Colca Canyon Packing List – Miscellaneous

  • Always get your passport when traveling in Peru
  • If you’re a holder, the ISIC for benefits
  • Cash in Peruvian currency (for meals, personal expenses)
  • A hiking stick is optional but highly recommendable for the walking sections. We have them for rent at a very convenient price
  • Antibacterial hand gel (before eating)
  • Small plastic bags for disposals, wet items, etc. However, due to the disposable plastic ban, you must bring only biodegradable or reusable ones 
  • Finally, a light, suitable backpack

The exciting, rewarding, Colca Canyon Tour 2 days can be the perfect addition for any of our other premier packages like classic Machu Picchu trips, one of our most demanded Inca Trails, the spectacular Lake Titicaca and its islands in 2 days and so on! By the way, take the chance and check the insider packing list for this Lake Titicaca 2-day tour.

With this insider Colca Canyon packing list you are so ready for a marvelous tour! Contact our expert team for booking the ultimate vacation in Peru!




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